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Old Mill Camp

Miracle for Naples. Please consider giving in ANY amount. CLICK HERE.

The Old Mill or “Vecchio Mulino” is a very unique ministry and one of the few Christian camps in Italy. As everywhere else in the world there’s been a massive economic downturn in this country. This is, of course only exacerbated by the dreadful reputation of:
– 40% unemployment rate among young people between 18-35
– Mafia and the “Camorra” run the city with ruthless abandon
– No major industry to speak of

So how can you help? Here are some great projects that you can help us fund as we make the Old Mill an oasis for many young Neapolitan men and women.

Sunday – 2012 from Roth Rind Media Production, Co. on Vimeo.

1)      Bring a team from your church to help run one of our English Speaking Camps during the summer. So far we’ve had great success and we look forward this upcoming year to having three different age groups. Here are some great videos of our last camps. We hope you’ll enjoy them as you get a feel of what fun happens at the Old Mill Camp.

2)      Bring a construction team over for any of our different projects.

dee in stream3)      Help us put in a pool. Here’s Dee pulling weeds from the stream that flows through the camp. Naples gets very, very hot in the summer and the stream often goes dry. We would like to transform this area into a wonderful pool that these kids would never have the opportunity to experience.

In summary, as you can see we need financial resources to make this dream a reality. All help and every prayer is  appreciated and we stretch every dollar donated. If you and/or your church would like to help there are so many ways; from building bunk beds, qualified plumbers, tile layers and electricians to make the Old Mill facility functional. Please let us know how you would like to assist and be part of this great opportunity.

Every prayer and dollar donated helps us reach this amazing dream for these families and their children to experience something that they can only dream of. Please pray and consider a tax deductable gift through World Venture by clicking on the “Give” button on the top right of this page.