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Miracle for Naples. Please consider giving in ANY amount. CLICK HERE.

Festival LogoFestival in Casoria and Arzano
Every year during the month of September we organize a mega-evangelistic event where our churches in Casoria or Arzano are located. This yearly event captivates the hungry-hearted in a region where there’s typically joblessness, despair.
We work “mano-in-mano” with hundreds of volunteers from Delta Ministries. And for two weeks we work and preach hope and life in the name of Jesus in many creative and inspiring ways. It would mean so much to our ministries if you and/or your church would consider supporting us prayerfully or with a gift of any amount.

Check out these cool videos:

Once again this year, the churches of Arzano and Casoria along with Delta Ministries are planning this year’s Festival. Click Here for more information.

Festival Arzano 2013: The Digbeats & Pastor Doug from Dave Proehl on Vimeo.