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Welcome and benvenuti Feel free to check out our new Naples Alive website. There’s tons of great videos and content so please share this site and pass it along to any and all of your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter (and there will be a lot more to come…and knowing Doug, there’ll never be a dull moment!) We’re always looking for help so if you’re ever in the neighborhood of Napoli make sure you stop by and say ciao!

A little about us: Since 1978, Doug and Dee Valenzuela have served with
WorldVenture in Napoli, Italy. Currently, they are involved in a number of ministries, including an ever expanding church planting ministry that now has two vibrant growing congregations in two very difficult areas of Napoli.

These churches reach out to so many different types of people, from hard-core drug addicts, to former Mafia-type gang members, to many university students and so many families living in a very difficult and often-times dangerous city.
Yet in spite of it all, the churches are thriving and continue to be a major lighthouse in this very complicated and crowded city.

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