Miracle for Naples. Please Consider Giving.

Miracle for Naples. Please consider giving in ANY amount. CLICK HERE


Your prayers and GOD’s power were on great display on APRIL 18th, as the city council of the city of MELITO, met to discuss and vote to change the actual zoning law from “Industrial” to what we really need, which is “SOCIO-RELIGIOUS”.

We were concerned because these types of changes are neither easy nor certain, as oftentimes there are many different types of opposition.
We sat there as they deliberated and then, you will hear the moderator ask for the vote. He askes first: “Abstentions? (nothing…silence) Opposed? (the same) In favor? ”

Then you will see their hands shoot up faster than you would see a group of people ask for free lotto tickets! And then our church erupts in applause.
So moving was the moment that the city councilmen and women, also got up and started CLAPPING!!!
W now have the final approval!!!

“Well, we are back in Napoli and are so encouraged by the continued support for this ministry, and in particular for the purchase of the new church structure in the city of MELITO. This building is in one of most difficult areas in all of Napoli…in fact the pope was just here in Napoli and decided to visit the area where our church will begin it’s ministry very soon. In an article from EURONEWS.COM Pope Francis has visited one of Italy’s most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Naples. Scampia has been described as a forgotten, crumbling slum in the heart of Western Europe. It is essentially under the control of one of Italy’s oldest crime organizations, the Camorra.

“Corruption stinks and a corrupt society stinks! So go ahead and clear your souls and clean up the city and clean up society so that there is no longer that stink of corruption,” Francis said.
He was speaking in the shadow of a dilapidated sail boat-shaped housing project known as Le Vele, so dangerous that even police are sometimes afraid to enter, according to locals.The pope urged residents of the blighted area, which has often been the battleground of Camorra clans fighting each other for control of drug trafficking and extortion rackets, not to let criminals rob them of their hope.So please continue to pray for us as we seek to raise the remaining funds needed to purchase this building right in the heart of this battle zone!

A must see clip...the church is approved in Melito, Italy (near Naples) for pastor Doug and Cheryl Dee Valenzuela ... See MoreSee Less

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Carissimi fratelli e sorelle, la mano di Dio sulle nostre chiese è straordinariamente POTENTE… Ancora una volta ci ha stupiti, rallegrando il nostro cuore e il nostro spirito con l’attuazione della sua volontà riguardo alla “Costruzione” della seconda chiesa. Appena un anno fa abbiamo dato vita al progetto: 7 IN 7, e tra questi 7 progetti, c’era la realizzazione della nuova chiesa ad Arzano, ma questa via è stata preclusa da Dio, il quale ci ha indicati in maniera inequivocabile la città di Melito, in quanto diamo comunicazione che abbiamo FIRMATO un atto di acquisto dello stabile che tanti di voi hanno visto di persona e altri in video la scorsa settimana nelle nostre chiese. Le scorse settimane sono state molto frenetiche e pienissime di impegni e incontri per portare in porto la trattativa. Ringraziamo il nostro Dio per la sua guida e protezione che non è amai mancata per questo grande passo di fede che si va ad aggiungere a tanti altri avuti in questi anni. Personalmente sono grato a Dio per avermi fatto vedere nel 1988 il “Suo Grande Miracolo” con la costruzione della chiesa a Casoria. Mi ritengo onorato e con me tutti quelli che erano presenti allora, per il fatto che Dio ci fa vedere oggi un altro “Grande Miracolo” con la realizzazione di una seconda grande chiesa. Impariamo a confidare e a guardare sempre in alto, senza mai scoraggiarci. Dio benedice i suoi figli e quanti si propongono per l’avanzamento del suo regno. Past. Genny

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Hey all. Being EXACTLY 50% Napolitano and 50% Calabrese, this is one of the most important endeavors Doug and Cheryl Dee Valenzuela have embarked upon. Please share with people you feel would be encouraged or relate with this amazing endeavor www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMlqwAvaQq0 ... See MoreSee Less

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Randy Wilson
Hey there is an amazing opportunity that just came up to make a difference to thousands of people in a forgotten corner of the world. Here is a primer for Napoli and then decide if you want to become Napolitano too. More to come. Thanks Paul for posting this!

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Hey y'all I don't post very often, but here is a short video (90 seconds) that Roth Rind made a couple of years ago that we just got subtitled. It is a poem that a high school student wrote about Naples Italy. Many people don't know a lot about the struggles of the church and people in Naples, but God is working in some amazing ways right now. This video is really worth the watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vaq9Kpg-jzA&feature=youtu.be www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vaq9Kpg-jzA&feature=youtu.be
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